Reinforce RSCIS Collaboration and Inter-operability through ENTSO-E

ENTSO-E has a major role to play in the regional cooperation of TSOs. ENTSO-E is the platform for all overarching pan-European questions. This is particularly important in the context of implementing network codes by which TSOs agree upon all their pan-European tasks within the framework of the association. Network codes set deadlines and principles for common standards as well as interoperability of RSCI. The coordination and monitoring role of ENTSO-E for network code implementation makes the association the natural place for ensuring RSCIs interoperability.

ENTSO-E also handles communication and consultation. The network codes set the required regulatory oversight for the different services that RSCIs supply to the TSOs. In some cases, these will consist of ACER opinions, while in other cases of joint decisions, they will be made by all NRAs Europe-wide or regionally. ENTSO-E welcomes the intention of all NRAs to utilise the working structures or meetings of ACER for facilitating effective all NRAs approval processes.


  1. Member States and the European Commission should adopt the System Operations Guideline as soon as possible.
  2. RSCIs and TSOs should implement the five core services throughout Europe and reinforce their collaboration through ENTSO-E.
  3. Once the five core services are available across Europe, an analysis should be performed to identify how services that are potentially better conducted at regional level could be further developed.